Was Smashmouth lead singer Steve Harwell making a cry for help during his disastrous last-ever concert in the Hudson Valley?

Harwell passed away on Monday at the age of 56 due to liver failure. The 90's alternative icon was best known for his family-friendly vocals on mega-hits like "All Star, "Walking on the Sun" and a toe-tapping cover of the Monkees' "I'm a Believer" featured on the Shrek soundtrack.

What many fans didn't know for decades was that the singer was suffering from alcohol addiction. Harwell's battle with alcohol ultimately broke up the band after an infamous performance at a local Hudson Valley beer and wine festival.

In the Fall of 2021, Harwell rejoined with Smashmouth after taking a hiatus for heart issues. The band had been touring with a replacement singer but welcomed Harwell back to sing during The Big Sip, a beer and wine festival at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in Sullivan County.

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The daytime performance was described as a trainwreck from the first note. Those in attendance reported that Harwell was visibly intoxicated. The singer was caught on camera berating fans, forgetting lyrics and even giving what appeared to be a Nazi salute during the Hudson Valley performance.

The show was so disastrous that Harwell retired right afterward, never to perform with Smashmouth again.

You can scroll down to see a video of the performance for yourself.

Smashmouth Singer Melts Down at Bethel Woods

Smashmouth's visit to the Hudson Valley during a beer and wine festival ultimately led to lead singer Steve Harwell's retirement. Here's a look at just what fans say happened during the now-infamous show at Bethel Woods on October 9, 2021.

After the Bethel Woods performance ended and Harwell retired from Smashmouth, fans hoped he would get the help he needed. Unfortunately, the singer's battle with alcohol addiction ended in total liver failure.

Looking back, the concert at Bethel Woods should have been a wake-up call. But sadly, Harwell's addiction to alcohol ultimately cost him his life.

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