Club Smiles Nightclub has announced they will briefly close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We're almost a year into the pandemic and we are continuing to see the changes that businesses have to make in order to stay alive. As we get into the colder months and coronavirus cases may continue to rise we might sadly see more and more businesses shutting their doors.

Today, a tickle bar is opening up in Texas. It's exactly what it sounds like. You pay a stranger to tickle you. Something tells me that they might be closing their doors soon enough. Any business that offers close contact with customers should be evaluating the safety of their customers.

A local night club in the Hudson Valley is doing just that.

A business that offers adult entertainment will always be under a public microscope and adult nightclub offers close and sometimes intimate contact.

If you recall, Smiles was one the first places to open up that really turned some heads. Smiles safely opened their doors back in August after a brief shut down. Smiles announced that they would return while practicing and enforcing safety precautions.

You've got to respect any business in the Hudson Valley that puts their patrons ahead of profits.

According to a post on their Facebook page, Smiles announced that they will be temporarily closing their doors. At this point there is no indication of when they will be reopening but patrons who are wondering are encouraged to keep checking back at their website for updated business hours.

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