Club Smiles is a fully nude adult nightclub here in the Hudson Valley. Well, it used to be fully nude until the coronavirus. The ladies have to wear masks just like everyone else during a global pandemic.

Some businesses are still closed like gyms, movie theaters and bowling alleys but many establishments have opened up since the government shutdown caused by the coronavirus months ago.

Club Smiles, a local adult nightclub located in Wappingers Falls turned heads last week when it was announced that they were reopening. We shouldn't be surprised. All businesses will have to open up at some point and adult entertainment can definitely be deemed essential but in a new landscape where physical contact with strangers isn't really encouraged what exactly does a nightclub look like in the middle of a global pandemic?

The gentleman's club is following all New York state mandatory protocols and guidelines. Smiles does not serve alcohol so the entertainers at the club are fully nude. Well, at least they were. Things are very different now in the world of adult entertainment. Much like a restaurant, all patrons are required to wear a mask unless they are sitting at their table. And yes, dancers and entertainers are also required to wear a mask even during a lap dance.

 "Have no fear – our all new cuties ain't got no cooties!" -Tim Serino, Smiles Night Club

Though Smiles could have opened weeks ago, management thought that they would play it safe and wait. Smiles reopened for business on Thursday, August 13. They are now open from Thursday to Saturday.


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