This past Tuesday, a mega millions lottery ticket was purchased at The Village Market in Pleasantville, NY. The winning ticket is worth $1 million and that is going to be the best news for whoever bought it.

If you purchased a mega millions ticket in Pleasantville on Tuesday, you might want to double check your ticket. The winning numbers are 5-13-31-43-53 and 20.

The winner could already know that they've won but is choosing to keep their identity a secret for now. If that is the case, it's smart to keep it to yourself for a while. Once the news hits that you are an overnight millionaire your life changes permanently.

Friends and family members who you haven't seen or heard from in years will suddenly have the most amazing investment opportunities just waiting for you to hear. It can be overwhelming and then the feelings of resentment you'll get are going to be difficult to handle.

If you ever find yourself in the amazingly unique situation of becoming rich overnight, first thing to consider is getting a lawyer and an accountant to professionally watch over your affairs. It's your money and you don't need to give it away just to satisfy those around you.

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