On Sunday, July 8th the next Pokemon Go Community Day will take place at Dutchess Community College. This event is always free and new players are welcome to join. The Hudson Valley Pokemon Go Community has been growing substantially ever since the first community event earlier this year. If you are new to the community a good place to check out is their Facebook Group.

Squirtle is going to be the next featured Community Day Pokémon. From 2:00pm-5:00pm, Squirtle will spawn at an increased rate. Like past Community Day events, any Squirtle that evolves into Blastoise during the timed event will learn an exclusive move. While it is unknown what move will be learned, rumors suggest trainers could expect Blastoise to learn Hydro Cannon when it evolves.

As for in-game bonuses, Lures will last for three hours like in past Community Day events. Egg hatch distance will be cut by 75 percent, which means 2km Eggs will hatch in .5km, 5km Eggs will hatch in 1.25km and 10km Eggs will hatch in 2.5km. So if you have 10km Eggs in your bag, you may want to wait until July 8th to start incubating them.

Everyone is welcome to join for a fun day of catching a bunch of Squirtle at Dutchess Community College on Sunday, July 8th!

Trading and snacks: 1:30pm
In-game event: 2:00pm-5:00pm
Award ceremony: 5:15pm

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