If you're headed to the Dutchess Rail Trail today you might want to leave your bikes at home.

Many Hudson Valley residents have started to hit the trails more than ever since the coronavirus outbreak. Mountains and trails have become a popular local destination for outdoor exercise.

The latest tropical storm has caused a lot of issues throughout the Hudson Valley. Several roads are closed or delayed thousands of residents are without power or internet. This most likely the result of high winds, damaged power lines and fallen trees. Roadways are no the only place in the Hudson Valley that may have an issue with broken tree limbs. Trails have gotten hit hard as well.

Credit: Tami Taylor
Credit: Tami Taylor

Many runners and cyclists who frequent the Dutchess Rail Trail have posted pictures all morning of some road blocks throughout the trail.

Three spots that have been reported to have large trees down are near Titusville Rd, Diddell rd and near Rte 376 in Hopewell Junction.

If you do hit the trails today be sure to be careful and watch out for fallen debris.


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