The countryside in Upstate New York is absolutely glowing right now with Mother Nature's brilliant brush strokes.

If there is a period of time every year that makes you hit reset and rediscover your appreciation for the beauty in our backyard in Upstate New York, it is peak foliage season. From the vistas of the Adirondacks. to the rolling hills of Schuylerville, to the banks of the Hudson, to Thacher Park, and all points around and in between, there is no shortage of prime leaf-peeping spots in the area to take in the vivid display of reds, yellows, and oranges.

It is also a great reminder that autumn is about a little bit more than pumpkin spice and mortgaging your home to go apple picking. It's about the harvest, the land, and all that it gives us: not only physical nourishment but mental nourishment as well as we take in the season's beauty. So sit back, and nourish your mind and take in these amazing photos of the land that we call home: Upstate New York.

Stunning Listener Shots Of Upstate NY Peak Foliage

Everyone has their goto leaf-peeping spot! Check this gallery of amazing foliage shots from all over the Capital Region and Upstate New York.