Officials in Sullivan County are pleased to announce their participation in the Hnos Valley program "Hope, Not Handcuffs".

The announcement came from the Sullivan County District Attorney's Office and Sullivan County's Drug Task Force. Individuals suffering from substance use issues will instantly be connected to an advocate and a network of resources designed to lead them to success, rather than arrest. The idea behind it is to encourage them to seek recovery and regain control of their lives.

Hope, Not Handcuffs is aimed at bringing law enforcement, community organizations, and volunteers together to find viable treatment options for individuals seeking help to reduce dependency on any substance, including heroin, prescription drugs, and alcohol.

The parent program of "Hope, Not Handcuffs" began in Michigan and spread to the Hudson Valley in 2019. With the addition of Sullivan County, the Hudson Valley program will be backed by six counties and more than 60 police departments.

Wendy Brown, Deputy Commissioner of the Sullivan County Division of Health & Family Service said:

Anyone seeking help fighting substance use disorders may come to any local police station and ask for the ‘Hope Not Handcuffs’ program. Everyone will be treated with compassion and respect, while a call will be made to an ‘angel’ volunteer from the Hope Not Handcuffs – Hudson Valley team who will actively seek out a treatment plan

For more information regarding Hope, Not Handcuffs, visit their website.

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