Many residents are upset by the news.

It's never good when we hear a local business is closing its doors for good. Not all reasons are bad though, it can be because someone is retiring and will be moving on to the next phase of their life. A beloved restaurant owner in Sullivan County recently announced that he will be closing his restaurant, but it will be for one of those good reasons and he will soon be enjoying the retired life.

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What restaurant will be closing in Sullivan County?

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Tony's Family Restaurant located in Woodridge, NY will be closing its doors. The business has been open for over 40 years and it's been a staple in the Sullivan County area. The restaurant has offered a mix of cultured foods like Italian, Spanish, American, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Wow, that's a lot...

Can you still get a meal from Tony's restaurant?

Yes, but you will have to HURRY. Today (September 14th) is the last day that the restaurant will be open for business. You can go have a nice lunch or dinner today and help celebrate the restaurant's success.

A thankful goodbye:

According to the post, the restaurant is super grateful for their loving customers and the time they spent being able to serve residents. More specifically, "It was an absolute pleasure to share so many holidays, celebrations and family dinners with you all. We've been blessed to exchange comfort, culture and food with every one of you".

Congrats on a successful run in the Hudson Valley and enjoy your next chapter.

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