Still wondering what to do to with your Sunday? I've got you covered with three very different but oh so fun events in the Hudson Valley.

I'm a last minute person...meaning i'm usually on the computer or my phone searching for something to do or somewhere to go just hours before. It was that mentality that lead me to find three very cool events happening today.


The first has to be one of my favorites. It's the annual Grape Stomp Festival at Benmarl Winery in Marlboro. Head over to Ulster County and indulge in a wine tasting, listen to some great music, try some tasty treats and of course you have to get your feet wet and stomp some grapes. A $20 entry fee will give you access to all the fun along with complementary winery tours. Food is available for purchase. Events will take place 11am-7pm at the gorgeous Benmarl Winery. The view is simply amazing!

Not looking to come home with purple problem. Another great event happening in Ulster County today is the annual Italian Festival. Now in it's ninth year the festival held at the Roundout in Downtown Kingston boasts some great fun for the whole family. There will be music throughout the day, story telling, vendors galore and did I mention Italian food, lots and lots of Italian food. Oh mio Dio! Events kick off with the opening celebration ceremony at 11am and will wrap up around dinner time with the Michael Dell Orchestra.

If that wasn't enough to chose from i'll throw in one more for you. And yes you guessed it...this one is also in Ulster County. If you can't tell I live close so that makes the event's that much better.

My last suggestion is not only a great event it's also for a great cause. We're staying in the city of Kingston but this time we head to the seventh annual O+ Festival. The amazing event is a day filled with music, art and wellness. One really cool aspect of the festival is that events take place throughout the city. There are art installations at various galleries and shops, murals everywhere you look, several music events, even puppet shows, dancing and so much more. You can check out the full list of events by clicking here.

Really there are so many great things about this event but the best part by far is that your donations do so much good for our artist community. The festival is run by O+ which is a nonprofit that aims to assist musicians and artists with their heath and wellness. What a great thing to do for these amazing people who bring so much to our community. This year it's better than ever because a special grant is actually matching donations, dollar for dollar. So your contribution will make twice the impact.

So there you have it. Three great events happening in the Hudson Valley, all a little different but all offering some great fun. So what are you waiting for? Pick one and enjoy!