Over the weekend, Reddit's /r/mildlyinfuriating lit up with a dashcam video capturing a chilling crash at the intersection of Kent Road and All Angels Hill Drive in Wappingers. The post, shared by the driver of a following car, sheds light on an alarming pattern of accidents located at this trouble spot.

The original poster stated, “I caught this on my Dashcam. Guy who caused it was directly in front of me. He tried to claim the guy he ran off the road was at fault. I told him I have video that shows he's at fault. Poor guy's truck was totaled along with his trailer. He's a landscaper now he has no business.”
This isn’t an isolated incident. Redditors quickly shared their own tales of woe at this intersection. One recalled being called for jury duty due to a crash there over five years ago, while another mentioned witnessing four serious accidents in the past year alone. The overgrowth of greenery on a nearby tree adds to visibility issues, contributing to the intersection's notoriety.

He tried to deny fault fault
byu/p365x inmildlyinfuriating

Residents lamented the recurring struggle for drivers to navigate the junction safely, particularly noting the uphill challenge of gauging oncoming traffic speed.
In a glimmer of hope, part of Kent Road is slated for repaving as part of a broader initiative spearheaded by Superintendent of Highways Michael J. Sheehan.

This much-needed upgrade offers optimism for locals weary of the perils lurking at this hazardous crossroad. Perhaps some additional signage will remind local drivers ascending to this intersection

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As Wappinger gears up for much-needed roadwork, the hopes for safer travels and fewer heart-stopping moments at intersections like Kent Road and All Angels Hill Drive.

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