When it comes to superstitions or traditions that you either started or inherited, what are some weird things that you always find yourself doing?

Over the weekend I was explaining to someone some of the weird things I do with regard to sports that have just become tradition now.  Like, for example, when I had a partial season ticket package for New York Yankees, whatever Yankees jersey I wore to a game that they won, I had to wear that jersey again to the next game.  If they lost, that jersey would be removed from the rotation for a while and then phased back in - weird, I know.

Now that it is playoff time, i'm very conscious of what Yankee accessories I'm wearing, or where I watch the games.  An example - I wore this few Yankee bracelets on Friday and so I had to wear that combination again for Saturday's game.  I was at a concert Friday night, rare exception to the rule, but watched Saturday's game at home so I will continue to watch the next games at home and sit in the same spot I did on Saturday as not to break the streak.

I also have a lucky charm that i've had for most of my life, we're talking since I was like 2 or 3 years old.  This thing goes with me to job interviews, doctors appointments, things like that, it also makes a special appearance during the playoffs.

I'm wondering - what superstitions, traditions, or lucky charms do you have, and how did they come about?  Spill it in the comments below.

...and by the way, let's go Yankees :)