How often do you actually mail something? I am the type of person where I will mail a Thank You card, the occasional birthday card, and then about half a dozen Christmas cards at some point in December. To be 100% truthful, I think about mailing things more than I actually do mail something.

So, how much is a first-class postage stamp? While you never need to go and hunt down one or two cent stamps to add to your current stamp to make them legal since the advent of 'Forever' stamps, but how much does one cost?

Where can you buy stamps, that isn't the post office, and how much will it cost you now? 

US Mail Mailbox
Ralf Geithe

There are many places to actually buy stamps that don't involve going to the post office. Yes, you can buy them from the post office online and have them mailed to you, but where can you walk in to a place and just buy them? Believe it or not, most banks have them, Staples, Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale and many grocery stores have them at the check out. Don't see them? Just ask at the check out. You'll need to buy an entire book of 10 or 20, but you will have them and you saved yourself a trip.

So how much does one of those little first class stamps cost you? When did they go up again?

Old postage stamps from different countries

The cost of First Class Stamps went up again, now to 60 cents a piece on Monday July 11, 2022. First Class increased by 2 cents and postcard stamps also went up, they will now cost you 44 cents. However, if you have in your possession the Forever Stamps, you can still use those (without having to add additional postage) until you run out of them.

Love stamps and want a unique place to live? How about this old post office? 

A Stamp Collector's Dreamhouse

If you love stamps and snail mail with some local history thrown in for good measure we have found the perfect fixer up for you. The Port Ewen Post Office is for sale. It is a blank slate just waiting for you to bring your ideas to make it your home.

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