Do you collect stamps? Are you a philatelist? That is a stamp collector or maybe it is better to say stamp appreciator? Are their clubs or groups of stamp collectors in the Hudson Valley? Or is this a collection that takes place in solitude?

Probably one of the most famous stamp collectors from the Hudson Valley was former President Franklin Roosevelt. He loved stamps, it mentions on the website for his Presidential Library that the Presidents collection was not worth money, but it brought him great joy. If you would like to see the stamps that were given to him as gifts by other heads of state, you can see those at the Presidential Library located in Hyde Park, New York. 

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Where are the stamp collecting groups here in the Hudson Valley?

Old postage stamps from different countries

Is there a way to find out about stamp collecting groups? Where can you start?  Here are a few businesses that specialize in stamps. Have you visited them? Maybe they could give you an idea as to how much your collection is worth. Granted, the collection is more than likely priceless to you.

There is one Stamp Collecting group that does meet here in the Hudson Valley, where is it?


The group of Stamp Collectors is called The Stamp Trotters, and they are based out of Red Hook NY.

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Do you have your own stamp collecting group? Where do you meet?

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Please share with us the information about your meetings, and your specialties, i.e. European, Domestic, Letters, etc.

Here is a look back at how much stamps have increased over the last 80 years

Here's a look at the cost of postage throughout the years, beginning in 1863. The price listed is for letters weighing up to one ounce.

Iron Maiden Postage Stamps

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