Top 10 Things That Turn 20 Years Old In 2015
It's hard to fathom that some of the items on this list turn 20 years old this year. Prepare to feel old.
1995 was the year we began using DVDs, started playing video games on something called a "Playstation" and watched the series finale of Full House...
Top 5 Video Games Of All Time (Sales)
You'd think Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto are top 5 material, but that's not the case. Although both hold their own despite being newer game franchises. Let's take a look at the top 5 video games in history in terms of overall sales.
Terminator 2 Chase Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V
Los Santos, the home city of Grand Theft Auto V, isn’t an exact copy of Los Angeles, but it’s pretty close. Close enough for YouTube user John Chapman and his friends to faithfully recreate a classic movie scene set in the City of Angels. Check out the famous truck chase scene from &ap…
Time to Sacrifice My Social Life to the PS4
Well, it's here. The first sign that my every waking moment is about to be overtaken by my Playstation.
That's right: the first trailer for the new Madden game.
I would take the time to write my family and friends a nice, thought-out explanation as to how much I will miss them during this ti…

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