Redbox movie renters, you might not even notice that Redbox used to rent video games. Yes, that is now formerly rented video games. Through the end of the year, Redbox will be selling off their current video game inventory.

Is it ok to purchase a used video game? Rent one to see if you like it and then want to buy it I get, but is there an advantage to purchasing a used game (other than price)?

Here are two examples of games that are selling on Amazon (brand new) and at Redbox used. To our knowledge the games that were available for rental were the regular edition, not the suped-up bells and whistle versions of the games.

  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for PS4 will set you back $39.99 used at Redbox and if you were to buy it at Amazon, it would be $49.99
    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare for Xbox One, at Redbox it could be yours for $44.99. If you were to purchase it at Amazon and have their prime membership, it would be $49.94.

So it is worth it to purchase a used game? You're saving $10 on one and then just $5 on the other? What do you think? Spend the extra few bucks so you can open it out of the shrink wrap yourself? Or heck, yeah, buy used and have more money for eggnog or more games?

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