At Home Schooling Resources for Caregivers
While it's important to keep some sort of structure in routines for the kids/school aged children, it just isn't realistic in some scenarios, so we're all trying to figure this out as best we can. Why not rely on one another to provide suggestions and resources to keep the learning g…
Do Your Kids Need to Know How to Use These in 2018?
Computers and smart phones slowly taking over the world and making everything so much easier but are we becoming too reliant on them?

Has the analog clock become some form of ancient technology that only has a place in a museum?
Literally Just Four Clicks Could Get a Hudson Valley School $25K!
We need your help! Vote here and help try to get a school right here in the Hudson Valley new play ground and gym equipment.

Teachers are true heroes but some make an effort to go above the call of duty. Chris Keenan, a gym teacher from Arthur S. May school in Poughkeepsie is trying to rally the …
School Halloween Party Replaced with ‘Black and Orange Spirit Day
I just have one question. What on earth is "Black and Orange Spirit Day?"

When Did Halloween Become Too Controversial For School? Another school has decided to cancel their Halloween party. This time they have decided to replace it with something called "Black and Orange Spirit Day…
Uh Oh, Can Coffee Really Make You Dumb? We’re in Trouble
We live in a society where it's okay to be a caffeine induced zombie. Whatever keeps us awake and gets us through the work day right? What if all of that caffeine is really turning us into zombies and lowering our IQ?

If caffeinated beverages were making is stupid would you still drink it or…

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