Public speaking isn't for everyone but is it good to let kids just opt'd out of school assignments just because they don't want to do it?

Recently, a tweet went viral where a teenager expressed her distaste for public presentations for the classroom because they cause anxiety.

The tweet was shared over 100,000 times and has gotten a viral petition going to ban presentations in class.

There are a lot of situations in life that cause anxiety. Isn't the point supposed to be how to cope with it and handle adversity and challenges?

Getting in front of the class and talking about some dumb event in history is an uncomfortable rite of passage that most kids have to just suffer through. Speaking in public isn't an easy task. When do start giving kids choices? There's a reason they don't make the choices. They're policed by adults who know better.

"I have really bad anxiety and a panic disorder which means I avoid things so I don't have a panic attack but it's stupid that these kids are protesting against presenting because that is life and something they have to do for their future jobs".


If we start letting kids avoid things they dislike about school we may as well start letting kids skip school all together when they feel a little anxious.

"Part of being in school is to teach you for the real world. If you cannot get up and speak in front of your peers in school then you can not get up and speak in front of your workmates. You will not progress in the real world. Tell these children to get over themselves do the 5-minute presentation feel better about themselves get on with life get the heck over it".

What do you think?


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