Pet Peeve: Store Return Policies
Sometimes online shopping goes wrong and you get something completely different than what you ordered...and get told you have to keep it, the store doesn't want it back.
What Age is Too Old To Sit on Santa's Lap?
I've met a lot of celebrities during my radio career but I've got to admit that Santa has to be one of the biggest. I honestly couldn't believe he even made time for me. I mean, this is his busy season. Simon and I got to meet the holly jolly man at the Poughkeepsie Galleria.
Why Isn't this an Unwritten Rule?
It happens to me every time I go shopping and it's the reason I dread going to the store for a few items. This absolutely drives me bonkers!

Not everything is a law but we can all agree that we need unwritten rules in society to keep us in check. These simple social rules keep us from actin…

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