If you've ever dreamed of owning a classic castle, one is for sale North of New York City.

New York State Has Castles?

New York State is no stranger to amazing castles. In the Thousand Islands, you'll find Boldt Castle on Heart Island. Also in the region, Singer Castle, a Scottish-inspired castle located on a 7-acre island in the St. Lawrence River. In the Hudson Valley, Lyndhurst is a Gothic revival mansion. On Long Island, Oheka Castle is a breathtakingly beautiful historic mansion. Honestly, you can check out a massive list of historic castles to visit online with I Love NY here.

What Castle Is For Sale?

This castle built in 1927 located at 249 Croton Dam Road in Ossining is on the market for $2,900,000:

It is set on 49.6 acres and this acreage includes three tax lots. The castle, which is in need of total renovation, consists of 2/3 stories of living space and has remaining features such as open patio with fireplace and cast iron spiral staircase leading to the tower. The land surrounding the castle can be used as a serene private estate or possibly developed.

If you do drop the coin on this property, the castle and barn will need to be renovated. The property has 2 structures- the original stone mansion, and the barn.

There are 3 plots of land,zoned 2 acres- single family home. Taxes per plot: Plot 1: $2,382.04, Plot 2: $19,723.99, Plot 3:$87,595.44 taxes have been grieved successfully. This reduction will bring the total gross taxes, starting April 2022, to approximately $85,233. As per sellers request please submit proof of funds or a pre approval for appt confirmation."

Learn more about the listing online here. We have all the pictures of the property posted below.

Buy This Classic Castle North Of New York City

If you've ever dreamed of owning a classic castle, one is for sale North of New York City.

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