In 2014, South Park: The Stick Of Truth was released for PC and Consoles. With moderate success a sequel was planned and even after switching from Obsidian Entertainment to Ubisoft San Francisco. In October 2017 The Fractured But Whole was released. I didn't pay much mind to it but this game was sent to me as a gift. I'll be the first to admit, this game is more aggressively offensive than the South Park movie itself!

I'm fine with offensive, but just to give you a heads up, as soon as the game starts your first task is to drop a number 2. Now that the pace of the game is established you're either in it to win it, or your done right away.


I chose the former and haven't stopped playing for the past few days. Given the simplicity of animation style the show uses, the game play graphics easily match that of the cartoon. You actually control your very own episode of South Park! There is a significant drop in load screen time compared to most games in this day and age which is a major plus. The combat is turned based and it doesn't take much effort to figure out what the game wants you to do in order to proceed. It's simple and fun, all I could ever ask for. 


I've gotten pretty far but there is still so much more to do. I've come across a lot of characters that have long since been forgotten on the show and it's amazing how many Easter Eggs there are to find. You can't enter a room without referencing an episode plot line. Some are blatantly obvious while others are extremely subtle and there is where my appreciation for the game lies.

I recommend this game to any South Park Fan or any role playing game enthusiast. This game feels like Final Fantasy Light. If you don't take this game seriously, you'll love it all the more.