Some people like to show everybody that they care only about themselves. 

On my way home the other night, I stopped to pick up some snacks and grab some gas. When I pulled into the gas station, I see this car parked blocking a handicapped parking spot and potentially a fire lane.

So, as I walked into the store, I said out loud "Some jackass is blocking the handicapped spot". When I said that, a lady using the ATM quickly turned her head and looked at me, but didn't say anything.

I assumed she was the jackass in question, but continued on my way. When I approached the register, the "jackass" was in front of me. She then leaves her purse and other belongings on the counter and proceeds to go out to her car that is illegally parked.

I was like, "Maybe she's moving it." Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. She must have just forgotten something (you know, like her consideration for anybody other than herself).

So, I jumped ahead in line to complete my purchase and went out to pump my gas. She remained in the store while I pumped my gas, then finally returned to her car.

Sadly, she decided to hang out in her car for a while before driving off.

How many times do you encounter people doing this at local businesses? Should they be ticketed?

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