Over the past two years, we have seen so many of our favorite watering holes have to close their doors. Some were unable to recover after the pandemic. Some decided that it was time to retire. Because we lost so many of our favorite hangouts, it is truly a celebration when we get to be at the opening of someplace new.

This Friday, April 1st, 2022, you can enjoy a new place to hang out and meet up with friends in Pine Bush, NY.  It is not a joke or an April Fool's prank. This Friday, the Longstreet Tavern in Pine Bush will be opening its doors for the first time and welcoming the Hudson Valley.  I found the notice on the Pine Bush Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page but it is also on the home page for the Longstreet Tavern.

Orange County, New York Gets a New Tavern

Longstreet Tavern is so excited about the opening, the owner has even made a video. It seems from the first photos of Longstreet that it is going to be a local place everyone will enjoy. In the video, it is clear that they plan to have some great retro beers available so I can only imagine everything else will come with the homey familiar feeling too.

Opening Day for the Longstreet Tavern

If you are looking to join the opening day fun, you can find Longstreet at 82 Main Street in Pine Bush. The event is scheduled from 11 AM on the 1st thru 2 AM on the 2nd which I suppose will be the Longstreet Tavern's regular hours.

Longstreet Tavern via Facebook
Longstreet Tavern via Facebook

Pine Bush is a place known for many things including some from out of this world. You never know who you might bump into at the opening of the Longstreet Tavern.

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