The 'Bad Moms Hudson Valley' Facebook community group has a number of pretty mad moms these days, and for a very good reason - scammers.

We all remember it well, when presale tickets went on sale for Taylor Swift's The Eras tour back in November, and the internet essentially broke, so much so that even Congress had to get involved.

The hunt for Taylor tickets has continued to consume the Hudson Valley, and now several Hudson Valley residents are sharing their stories of being scammed out of money for these impossible-to-find tickets.

Demand Too High For Taylor Swift Concert Tickets, Ticketmaster Cancels Public Sale
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Hudson Valley Community Members Share Alleged Ticket Scam Warnings Stemming From Facebook Posts

In addition to the Bad Moms group, posts have been popping up in local Facebook sales groups as well from a woman advertising 6 Taylor Swift tickets for the show at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey on Friday, May 26th, offering them for face value, which is shared at $286.

Facebook: Bad Moms Hudson Valley, canva
Facebook: Bad Moms Hudson Valley, canva

The person posting the tickets for sale is alleged to be a real Hudson Valley resident, but group members are stating that her profile has been inactive for several years. People are speculating that someone has hacked her profile, or that scammers are using her photo to generate interest in the tickets. It has been alleged that the supposed seller was scammed herself, and did not make the original post.

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One commenter noted:

It seems the original profile that posted it was a dormant profile that got hacked. Doesn't make it an easier pill to swallow though that those people have other's money.




One local woman from the Pawling area, who would prefer her identity remain private, actually paid the woman $1,000 for the Taylor tickets, but remains empty handed, and out a grand. She indicated that a few other people shared they were in the same boat, sending money to person advertising the tickets but receiving nothing.

I thought I was really really diligent in confirming that it was real which makes it even more upsetting. I think when you’re so excited things seem one-way but now looking back, I probably should have known.

In speaking with the Pawling resident who was so excited about the idea of getting these tickets, she shared how upsetting it was to have had this happen.  She filed a report with her bank and Zelle, and also the police, who will follow up with an investigation.

It could be a person in another country just using her picture. I did have one person comment and tell me she knew her but hadn’t seen her in a few years. Always knew her to be honest.

Sadly, some of the people impacted by this scam situation did ask the right questions and follow the proper channels of checking the credibility and not sending payment for the tickets before purchasing but still fell, victim.

We will provide additional updates as this story develops.

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