A teacher shared some insight for families this holiday shopping season, revealing which presents they like to receive from students — and which they don’t.

Lucinda Chambers, who writes for Australian media outlet Mamma Mia, has been teaching for 15 years. She never expects parents to give gifts, but along the way, she’s experienced her fair share of the “good, the bad and the downright weird” when it comes to end-of-year presents from students.

As for the worst teacher gifts parents should skip, coffee mugs top Chambers' list.

"A reusable drink bottle or coffee cup would be a great alternative," she writes, explaining most people already have more mugs and teacups than they can fit in their cabinets.

Another gift idea better left behind at the store is any bath and body product, such as lotion, perfume, soap or shower gel.

"A beautifully scented hand cream or shower gel is a lovely thought, but what 'smells good' is highly personal, not to mention that some teachers may have highly sensitive skin," Chambers writes.

Finally, skip the candy, unless you know for sure your kid's teacher has a sweet tooth: "Not everyone loves chocolate and lollies [lollipops]."

As far as the best teacher gifts go, Chambers writes there's "nothing more special than something homemade from the heart."

Personalized stationary is always appreciated, as are charitable donations.

"Making a donation to a charity on behalf of your child’s teacher will have them reaching for the Kleenex on their desk," Chambers writes, encouraging parents and students to ask their teachers about their favorite organizations.

“Christmas can be a super stressful time of year with so much going on and so much going out of our bank accounts. Stick to something small and meaningful, and you can’t go wrong,” Chambers continues, adding that her favorite gifts to date include a framed photo, a handmade necklace and fresh flowers.

But if you really want to spoil your child's teacher this holiday season, consider giving them a gift card: "Gift cards are gold."

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