Gunshots rang out in the city of Beacon, NY on Friday night, leaving many residents frightened and police searching for answers.

It was around 6pm on Friday, November 10th, when multiple gunshots were reportedly fired near Tompkins Terrace Apartments. The area, just steps from the Metro North Beacon train station and a half-mile from Beacon's bustling Main Street, quickly became a crime scene.

Beacon, NY police say the crime scene for the shooting was located near the intersection of Bank St and Tompkins Ave in Beacon (Google)
Beacon, NY police say the crime scene for the shooting was located near the intersection of Bank St and Tompkins Ave in Beacon (Google)

Shooting Reported in Beacon, NY

The Beacon, NY community Facebook page was flooded with residents looking for the reason behind the sudden emergency response. Roughly four hours later, the City of Beacon Police Department issued a press release on the ongoing investigation.

Shooting Investigation Details from Beacon, NY Police Department

"The Beacon Police Department received multiple calls for gunshots in the area of Tompkins Ave and Bank St", the department shared. "At the start of the investigation, officers located a crime scene and a 16-year-old male victim with a superficial gunshot wound to his arm".

Witnesses Asked to Come Forward in Beacon, NY

While the investigation is ongoing, authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect. Witnesses are asked to contact the detective's division at 845-831-4111. Many community members knew exactly how lucky the victim was to escape with a superficial injury.

"Not good. Prayers to the kid", offered one Beacon resident. "Glad it was only an arm, [it was] was like 5 or 6 shots", reported another. Others focused on what they perceived as a continued rising crime rate while other parts of the city kept its pace of residential and commercial expansion.

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"Let’s keep charging million plus [for a home] less than a 1/8 of a mile away" lamented a commenter, referencing the long-standing rift between long-term residents and the newly-arriving transplants and business owners. "I wish the police would have a monthly report [with] violent crimes are by area".

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While affordable housing certainly isn't the focus of this shooting investigation, several Hudson Valley cities have recently elected to explore rent freeze options. Directly across the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY, officials just took measures to investigate the possibility of rent stabilization. A public hearing will be held on December 11th.

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