Geez, imagine wandering around a wooded area and coming across this creepy cabin. What would you do, explore it or turn around and head in the other direction?

For starters, this cabin is just plain creepy, I think we can all agree that this cabin belongs in the Blair Witch Project or some other horror flick that fits your fancy. This cabin definitely makes your hair stand up, but what would you do if you came across this cabin while out exploring the Hudson Valley?

One hiker, who wants to remain anonymous came across this cabin after traveling off the marked trail, which is technically frowned upon by the DEC, but I understand the urge to explore, and I would have done the same exact thing. When traveling off the trail, you have a chance of discovering something like this cabin. I would guess that this cabin is probably used as some sort of hunting cabin, but who knows right?

I'm not telling you where this cabin is, purely based on the fact that I don't want you to go and try to find it and possibly get yourself in trouble. Would you walk into this cabin? I totally would, as long as I had a look-out person of course. Is it actually a hunting cabin? Either way, this cabin could be voted the home in which you have the best chance of getting murdered.

Moment of truth, what are you doing? Are you entering the creepy cabin of death, or are you running in the other direction? I won't hold it against you if you run...

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