That galaxy far, far away is picking up quite a few stars. The latest report from the Han Solo spinoff is that Westworld’s Thandie Newton is being courted for a starring role.

Variety reports that Newton is currently in negotiations with Lucasfilm, which is close to rounding out the movie’s cast. There’s no word yet on who she’ll play, and since this movie may or may not be drawing from plot material in novels that are either canon-adjacent or not canon at all anymore, who really knows?

Now would actually be a good time to mention that science fiction casts are getting much more diverse, while doing something weird to many of their actors of color. In The Force Awakens, for instance, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o was cast as Maz Kanata, a tiny orange motion-capture alien. Zoe Saldana has played a blue-skinned alien and a green-skinned alien in two separate sci-fi properties, and last year both Idris Elba and Oscar Isaac turned purple for their villain roles. The makeup work on these actors is superb, and watching behind-the-scenes videos of them slinking around in mo-cap suits is fun, but it’s a little weird that all of these non-white actors aren’t getting the opportunity to play non-white human characters. Rogue One actually had a diverse cast of actors who were allowed to retain their humanity and their normal skin tones, so let’s hope that’s a step in the right direction. Let’s be real, even though the movie already has Lando, there’s plenty of room for more than one non-white protagonist in the galaxy.