It may sound a little corny, but in every literal sense of the phrase, I'm so happy to be HOME for the holidays. 'Home' in the Hudson Valley, 'home' at WRRV, 'home' in my brand new house, and 'home' working at my alma mater.

I grew up in the Hudson Valley, went to college here too, and left about 7 years ago for a job in New England. Though I never learned to keep my mouth shut to avoid harassment for being a loudmouth Yankee fan living in Sox territory, I eventually made New England my home away from home.  Fast forward to 2018, I returned to the Hudson Valley for a job, to be closer to my family, and eventually found myself back on the airwaves at WRRV, and things just feel right again.

WRRV gave me my start in professional radio in 2005, and though I've worked at a number of other stations in both NY and MA since, WRRV will always be a reminder of where it all began for me.  Though some things have changed in the past 13 years, like playing some of my favorite bands from my first run at WRRV on the '90s at Noon being a reminder that I'm getting old, so much still remains the same.  The music still rocks (both older stuff and new artists), I get to work with great people (veterans and new people to the station), and the listeners are still awesome (WRRV lifers and people who just found us on the dial/online/on the app).  What's that quote, "what's old is new again?"

This Thanksgiving I'm really thankful for the opportunity to be back home in the Hudson Valley, and back on the air at WRRV.  Thanks for welcoming me home!