The Thanksgiving shopping rush has begun, but one Hudson Valley farm is seeing a significant financial loss right before the holiday.

Quatto's Farm in Pleasant Valley shared on their Facebook page earlier this week that they "have plenty of WILD TURKEYS available for Thanksgiving." However, with that being said they explain further in the post that they were visited recently by a Federal Inspector.

They write:

Wild Turkeys are a game bird & have never needed federal inspection, but yesterday while Sal was getting his order ready for D’Artagnan, a Federal Inspector came, classified the birds as not game & told Sal he would not be able to sell them to D’Artagnan! The inspector, Michael Sfondrini, will be back on Thursday to assure that 1: Sal takes all D’Artagnan labels off of the Wild Turkeys; 2: Sal replaces their label with our own label and 3: to make sure we do not sell them to D’Artagnan.

Further in the post, they share that at Quatto's Farm, they breed, raise and process "all of the poultry & game meats" they sell, adding that Sal has been raising wild turkeys and selling around 200 of them every Thanksgiving to D’Artagnan for their customers" since 1982.

D'Artagnan is, according to Wikipedia,  a "food seller and manufacturer of beef, pork, lamb, veal, pâtés, sausages, smoked and cured charcuterie, all-natural and organic poultry, game, free-range meat, foie gras, wild mushrooms, and truffles."

Of course, Wild Turkey is a popular menu choice this time of year for Thanksgiving and not being able to sell to a big restaurant company like D'Artagnan is a huge loss. Quattro's Farm added:

This is a big financial loss to our livelihood! So now after turning away so many customers who wanted a Wild Turkey, we have 250 Wild Turkeys to sell for Thanksgiving.

If you're interested in bringing Wild TurkeyIf you’re interested in Wild Turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner and if you'd like to help a local business, call Quattro's Farm store at 845-635-2018 or visit them at 2251 Route 44 in Pleasant Valley.

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