It’s like all my prayers have been answered.

I have lamented on-air many times how my beloved Surge was gone. It’s maybe the most 90s soda of all-time, with the weird hazardous materials splat-meets-grafitti logo and the X-TREEEEEME! commercials. I’ve been campaigning for this one forever (I was in a Save Surge MYSPACE group, for crying out loud).

Seriously, watch this:

Tell me that’s not the raddest thing ever. YOU CAN’T!

There was nothing better in the mid-90s than hanging out with your absurdly baggy JNCOs, chain wallet, and Jason Lee Airwalks, pretending you were a good skateboarder, leaning against the side of your school with a bottle of radioactive-looking Surge soda in your hand.

Well, Amazon is here to save the day. Coke has brought the soda back in limited quantities and Amazon is stocking 12 packs of 16oz cans.

Here’s what’s awesome about Surge: it is a miracle of science. There is almost nothing natural about this beverage, from the packaging to the color to the 56 grams of sugar per can, this is a toxic substance of no nutritional value.

And as a 90s kid, I am almost crying tears of joy.

Now if only we could get OK Soda back.