We are getting closer and closer to Hudson Valley Wing Wars, and as the list of vendors on hand grows, and we get prepared to take on wings of assorted flavors and varying levels of heat intensiy, we had a very important topic to tackle...

When it comes to your dip/dressing of choice, are you team ranch, or team blue cheese?

We gave you a week to vote, the results are in, and man was it close.

52% of those that voted prefer blue cheese with their wings, while 48% would rather dip in ranch.

A few people commented along with their vote, saying that their preference in dipping sauce can depend on the flavor of the wing.  For example, if it's a really spicy flavored wing they reach for the blue cheese, but for the more mild flavors like bbq they'd prefer ranch.

However you decide to dip on the 1st, be sure to get your tickets for the area's premier wing tasting event, Hudson Valley Wing Wars, and don't forget to take a peek at our tips for a successful Wing Wars experience before the big day!