Buffalo Wings. Two words that evoke deliciousness. They are perhaps one of the finest things the human race has ever accomplished. If I weren't writing this blog post, I would be eating buffalo wings right now. Hell, maybe I am eating buffalo wings right now. You'd never be able to tell, unless the internet has perfected two-way internet blog posts, but I don't think we're there yet.

Anyway, buffalo wings originated right here in New York. They come from - you guessed it - Buffalo, at a place called Anchor Bar. And now, Hudson Valley residents will be closer than ever before to the place behind the food that you should never order on a first date. The Anchor Bar is opening up a new location in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan. They've got a few other locations around the country, but this is their first in New York City.

So if you don't feel like driving all the way up to Buffalo to get a taste of the original buffalo wings, now you've got the option of a quick train ride into the city. And remember, napkins are key.

Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind