We may debate back and forth over the direction our state is going. Do our leaders have any idea what they're really doing when it comes to career opportunities for us? And while that may be a whole separate discussion, do New Yorkers have access to the best schooling to make maybe those opportunities a reality? Just how adequate is the education system in New York state? How does it rank when compared to other states? A news study has put together the answers and the results may surprise you.

WalletHub conducted the latest study, using eighteen metrics that examined key factors such as educational attainment, school quality and achievement gaps between genders and races. When compared to many other states, New York state isn't that bad. In fact, we ranked 13th overall, and 14th in quality of education, according to the study.

Some of our neighbors did even better though. Massachusetts was first overall in the country, according to the findings. Connecticut was third. Vermont 5th, and New Jersey 6th. Pennsylvania was 30th.

West Virginia earned the dubious distinction of ranking last at 50th overall.

Guess we're a bit more educated than we are physically active? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that most states are physically inactive, which they define as not participating in any physical activities outside of work over the last month  This could be anything from jogging, to weight lifting, to even mowing the grass, or simple gardening. So, how do health officials rank us? According to their findings, 25.9% of adults in New York are considered physically inactive. That puts us 18th in the nation as far as inactivity. Mississippi was first (or maybe, last) overall, with 33.2 % of adults considered inactive. The South, as a region, reported the highest level of physical inactivity at 27.5%. Colorado was the most active state, with only 17,7% of adults considered inactive by the CDC's numbers.

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