It's hard to imagine one guy with as much variety and vocal talent as Billy West has. Plenty of people are able to create unique voices and attitudes and bring animated characters to life, but few are able to do it while giving such distinct characteristics to each one.

Mr. West's resume is a mile long and there's no way you've been able to avoid hearing his voice in some capacity. The man voiced Doug Funnie (and Roger Klotz) from Doug, he's the voice of Stimpy (and later, Ren) from Ren and Stimpy, he's the red M&M, he's the Honey Nut Cheerios bee, and he's basically the entire Futurama cast.

Now he's getting to show off his creativity in the form of a really funny, really entertaining, and really unique podcast. He takes the format back to the great old days of real, immersive, engaging radio. Anyone who's a fan of creative comedy should absolutely check it out here.

Billy shows off his ability to jump into any of his characters at any time, how he helped create some of the iconic voices of your childhood (and beyond), and why you should consider dropping out of school to join the circus.

Check out the interview below: