A third restaurant in the Village of New Paltz has had to close its doors for a few days due to COVID 19. The Most recent Restaurant to announce a closure this week is Huckleberry at 21 Church Street in New Paltz. This makes the total now 3 restaurants in 3 days

Yesterday (Thursday, August 12th, 2021) Huckleberry took to their Facebook page to announce that they will have the restaurant closed through the weekend due to four of their staff members testing positive for COVID. They also shared that those staff members last worked on Tuesday and Saturday before testing positive.

Another important piece of information that was shared in the post was that all four staff members were fully vaccinated. Huckleberry plans to stay closed through the weekend and won't re-open until all the staff has been tested and the results are negative.

We have decided to close today and through the weekend. We will reopen once our staff has been tested and all results are negative.
Stay safe and we will see you soon. (Huckleberry via Facebook 8-12-2021)

Earlier this week two other restaurants in the Village of New Paltz announced that they were closing their doors for a few days due to COVID exposure and staff testing positive. Karma Road announced its closure first on August 9th and hoped to be open by Thursday, August 12th. Then Bacchus Restaurant announced its closure the next day (August 10th). Bacchus also hopes to be open by the weekend.

All three of these restaurants are popular with not only the locals in New Paltz but also with people who visit the area. Each offers its own unique fare. Karma Road has always been a favorite with people looking for vegan choices. Bacchus has their own brews and an unbelievable beer menu. They offer a variety of menu items as well, everything from Mexican to pasta. Huckleberry is known for delicious food and hand-crafted cocktails.

At the time of publication, there have been no updates from either of the previous two restaurants on whether they will be opening this weekend which they had originally hoped according to their Facebook posts.  We will update you when there is more information.

How many of these restaurants do you enjoy?

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