Thanksgiving can be a whole lot of fun until someone says the wrong thing to a certain someone. Once that happens, all bets are off. So instead of doing a lot of talking over the turkey, why not plan some fun?

Using Google search, I was able to locate a list of fun things you will all love to do around the turkey. It is a great little list, it even includes something I do every year.

Keep Inspiring online put a list of ten things together that we can do on Thanksgiving. A few of the ideas may seem pretty obvious, such as watching football or the Macy's parade, but a few of the ideas might also be something you hadn't thought about doing that day with your family.

Get Active - Take in a Hudson Valley Rail Trail

Get Active was number 2 on the list and I realized  I really hadn't thought of it before. Sure we all talk about the after-meal walk but do we actually do it. Growing up I knew families that played football and basketball that day to work up an appetite but it hadn't occurred to me that taking the family out on a hike could also help work off some of the dinners.

Volunteer - Find a Hudson Valley Food Pantry Who Needs Holiday Help

Volunteering was number 8 on the list. I always hear about people who spend their day helping others. Even if you can't find a food kitchen there are other ways to help out that day. Maybe your neighbor is going to visit family for the day but can't take their dog. You could be the dog sitter. Just an idea.

Decorating for Christmas - You don't have to put up the tree but how about the lights?

Digging out the Christmas decorations made it to number 7 on the list. I am a bit shocked that it wasn't higher up. My family always organized the Christmas decorations on or around Thanksgiving. Think of how much fun you could have to get on your inner Griswold with the whole family there to help string lights.

No matter what you decide to do remember to have fun and enjoy being able to get together with family and friends again, finally.

If all else fails maybe try one of these holiday specials

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