If you're a big drinker but not the best during the recovery stage here is a helpful remedy. You can thank me later.

We've got to face reality. Whether you are just getting older and the next morning is getting tougher and tougher each year or you have one of those nights where you just drink anything thrown in front of you and may need something more than ibuprofen and water.

Each weekend as I explore the Hudson Valley one bar at a time, I'll need a little help recovering for Monday morning.

Recently, a listener reached out and claims that her family passed down to her the ultimate hangover cure.

Her family has sworn by drinking pickle juice to help both prevent and cure hangovers. Apparently, this method has been a family secret for generations. Little did she know that this wasn't a secret at all.

According to Refinery 29, pickle juice is in fact a hang over remedy that has been around for years. Pickle juice helps your body regain it's sodium levels and helps your body maintain hydration. I recommended sweet butter o garlic.

It tastes pretty good with Jameson as well. Maybe if you just drink "picklebacks" you won't get a hangover at all.

Pickle juice has some other great uses such as a pre work out drink and it also helps remedy pains from PMS.