The dawning of punk was a watershed time in culture; in addition to bringing a new spin on music and a new style of dress, a new attitude, a new spirit, it was also an important document of how disenfranchised some people felt at the time. Just as significant as the culture itself was the state of society in response to which such a culture came to exist.

But apparently that wasn't important to Doris Lilly, contributor to WPIX New York, who seemed to think that the end of Western Civilization was upon us all as the Sex Pistols arrived for some shows in New York.

Man, this New York City-based woman seems heated about the idea of these "scummy creatures" bringing punk rock to the United States. Huh. I wonder if anyone took the time to explain to her that the Ramones arguably invented punk... in New York City.

It should be noted that Doris Lilly, the woman in this clip, wrote books with titles like How to Marry a Millionaire, and the natural follow-up, How to Marry a Billionaire. Something tells me she wasn't exactly the audience that was expected to enjoy punk.