Three men were arrested this weekend after a bold theft of $100,000 worth of VIP passes from the Peach Music Festival. The annual festival which takes place at Montage Mountain, kicked off Friday night in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

WNEP reports the theft took place at a local Hampton Inn where festival staff was giving out credentials to performers. The three men, all Florida residents, reportedly distracted the employee and made off with the packet of bracelets. Two distracted the worker, while the third took off.

Police later caught the men at the festival, all wearing the stolen bracelets. They were charged with theft and receiving stolen property. Authorities stated the men are being held on $100,000 bail at Lackawanna County Prison.

Stealing is obviously wrong. What makes this crime worse is the fact that there is an over saturation in the festival market. These shows are struggling to make ends meet. Costs to book artists have gone up dramatically since people have largely stopped paying for music. Thankfully they were caught, crimes like these threaten the viability of festivals many of us have come to love and frequent yearly.