On December 7th, it was reported that the mirror residing in the men's downstairs bathroom at Townsquare Media in Poughkeepsie had disappeared, and was replaced with a picture of Henry Winkler's Arthur Herbert "The Fonz/Fonzie" Fonzarelli. The investigation has been delayed as Covid cases increase, along with issues regarding the holiday season. Officials have not released any information on their investigation at this time. Henry Winkler was reached out in regards to the incident, but no response has been given by him or his agents on the matter.

John "Tigman" Rutigliano of 101.5 WPDH took to Facebook with this post:

Facebook, John Tigman Rutigliano
Facebook, John Tigman Rutigliano







Conor Walsh of 92.7/96.9 WRRV posted this picture to his Instagram story:

Conor Walsh
Conor Walsh







Who committed such a heinous crime, and why? While authorities are lacking in their investigation, we believe we may have some answers in regards to the case of the missing mirror.

Henry Winkler

Let's just get this one out there. What a perfect calling card than to use a picture of one of your most iconic characters. What a greater crime than to take away our ability to look at ourselves, only to be mocked by the coolest guy ever. It is a constant reminder that none of us can ever be that cool. But that would be too easy. Obviously, Henry Winkler has better things to do with his life (I hope). Clearly, this is a set up. If it isn't the TV icon, who could it be?


We here at Townsquare Media may have to turn to the supernatural for this one. We may have vampires in our midst. Legends state that vampires do not cast reflections into mirrors. This being said, the culprit removed the mirror from the men's room to ensure that they would never be found out. The men's bathroom; however, is a solo bathroom, and typically it should only be one person at a time in there... it's still a worthwhile angle to look at.

Christmas Elves

Being the month of December, could it have been that Santa's elves came to visit us early? Perhaps these are naughty elves. I've heard stories of an Elf on the Shelf going rogue and messing with people; constantly moving things around in the house and appearing in different spots to scare the house's inhabitants. Perhaps something along those lines happened here. What elves would want with a mirror, I am not sure. Unfortunately, this theory lacks a clear motive.

A Disgruntled Former Employee

Yes, maybe it was someone with ties to the company; someone who holds a grudge for something that happened within these walls. To seek revenge, they snuck into the building and took away a source of vanity for anyone who would walk in. Our security system is pretty good, so I doubt it could a former employee. And before any of you come at me, magical creatures (yes, even Henry Winkler) have special abilities we mortals can't comprehend, hence how they could get past our systems. So, that leads me to a sickening thought...

It was an Inside Job

Someone on the inside removed the mirror. Who would do such a thing? Some people truly just want to watch the world burn. This person wanted us to lose sight of ourselves, slowly driving us to madness. Perhaps they were tired of seeing themselves in the mirror each day, unable to cope with the person that they have become. To take away that constant reminder of shame, they stole the mirror to be set free.

That, or, you know, maybe the mirror broke and needed to be fixed. Maybe while cleaning, it came off the wall and now needs to be replaced. Will we ever know the answer for sure? Hopefully, but there is no certainty. This may go down as one of the greatest workplace mysteries of all time...

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