His dreams of becoming an NFL star -- or even a backup -- floundering, Tim Tebow is looking to break through in another sport.

The former Heisman Trophy winner and Denver Broncos starting QB (before some guy named Peyton rolled into town) is planning to hold out a workout for Major League Baseball teams later this month in the hopes of playing the national pastime.

Yes, Tebow, who seemingly can't get playing time with anything other than a high school flag football team, is reversing field like he did when linebackers were chasing him, except this time, reversing field means he's swapping a football field for a baseball diamond.

Tebow hasn't played baseball since 2005, when Friendster was still a thing. If you're not sold that Tebow can do it, here's some video of him in a batting cage:

Tebow, 29, is bound to draw comparisons to Michael Jordan and his infamous experiment with baseball, but that's like comparing baseballs with shuttlecocks because Jordan was the greatest basketball player on the planet at the time he left the hardwood and there have always been whispers he gave baseball a go because he was suspended by the NBA for gambling, while also trying to deal with the death of his father.

Tebow, on the other hand, is a guy who can't latch on in his chosen sport, even though his competitive fire still burns.

There's a lot of debate whether Tebow can make some noise in baseball. He already has an offer from one independent minor league team, but that's a long way from the show. Time will tell if he can defy the odds and make the bigs. One thing is sure, though. People are talking about it: