Maynard James Keenan has done a lot since Tool last released an album (that'd be 2006). He wrote a book, but unfortunately didn't author one on the art of trolling and memes, which are some of his many creative strengths. In a new meme posted on Twitter, Keenan revealed there's potential for fans to hear new songs on their upcoming tour dates.

The members of Tool don't readily commit to statements, instead leaving all possibilities hanging in the balance. Such is the case with the meme seen below, where Keenan ponders, "Feelin cute. Might play some new material on this upcoming tour. idk [I don't know]." The photo shows the rest of the group reacting favorably to this notion, suggesting that we may get to hear a new song by May 5 when Tool's tour kicks off.

Since 2015, Tool have been performing a new track titled "Descending," though guitarist Adam Jones, who teased what might be a riff to a new song yesterday (May 1), said the album version of the track will greatly differ from the onstage version.

Despite years of rumors about a new album coming soon, it's starting to feel imminent. Tool officially have profiles on major music streaming services, presumably signaling that their catalog will be added in addition to the new record. So, enjoy these new Tool album memes while you still can.

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