This winter has been a bit of a dud when it comes to snowfall in the Hudson Valley. I was all ready for a season of snowman and fort building. But barring a late season storm, it looks like that'll have to wait. Here are the top 10 places in New York where there's generally no shortage of the white stuff each winter. used data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminsitration to determine their list. Fallsburg, in Sullivan County, is the first Hudson Valley locale to appear on the at #48 with an average of 76 inches per year. Beekman and Fishkill are next at #79 and 80 respectively.

  1. Oswego - 120 inches
  2. Rome - 107 inches
  3. Watertown - 106 inches
  4. Fairmost - 100.6 inches
  5. Geddes - 100.3 inches
  6. Onondaga - 100.1 inches
  7. De Witt - 100 inches
  8. Cicero - 100 inches
  9. Salina - 99.7 inches
  10. Syracuse - 99.6 inches

New York City receives an average of just 24 inches per year while Albany sees approximately 40. Keep traveling north to Buffalo, and you'll see more than 80 inches annually. Locally, Poughkeepsie averages 43 while Kingston and Middletown are both sitting at 42 inches.