The Wallflowers are in town for a big performance at The Dutchess County Fair tonight and we're hoping they play all five of these songs in their setlist. They've got a whole lot of amazing tunes and there will be tickets to the show available at the gate if you don't have yours yet.

5. Sleepwalker - The lead single from their third studio album Breach. The album would go on to achieve gold record status.

4. Three Marlenas - The fourth single from their breakthrough album Bringing Down The Horse was released in October of 1997.

3. 6th Avenue Heartbreak - Did you know Adam Duritz of Counting Crows sings backing vocals on this one? This was the lead single from Bringing Down The Horse.

2. The Difference - Released in May of 1997 as the second single off of Bringing Down the Horse, this song features a more uptempo/dancey vibe from the band.

1. One Headlight - Winner of multiple Grammy Awards, this is The Wallflowers biggest hit to date.

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