The population of the Hudson Valley increases dramatically when students arrive each fall, but just how many are attending each school?

  • SUNY Orange - 12,959 - With campus' in Middletown and Newburgh 'Suny OCC' as it's called is the best attended Hudson Valley college. Many attend the two year program and move on elsewhere.
  • SUNY Dutchess - 10,329 - Dutchess is also a great option if you're looking to stay close to home and save some money. Plus they even have dorms if you're looking to get out of mom and dad's house.
  • Marist College - 6,474 - The first four year school on our list, Marist has been undergoing many changes in recent years. New construction has been common in recent years and enrollment is just shy of 6,500.
  • Iona - 4,065 - Located in Westchester approx 20 miles north of Manhattan, inevitabley people will say we shouldn't have included them because it's Westchester. But they're part of the Hudson Valley too. Marist will square off against the Gaels in MAAC conference play many times this season.
  • Culinary Institute of America - 2,859 - America's premiere cooking school in Hyde Park has just shy of 3,000 chefs in waiting.

Honorable mention: Schools number five on our list is Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh at 2,700 students. Six and seven on our list are only separated in attendance numbers by a grand total of 19 students. Bard has approximately 2,469 while 2,450 attend Vassar. These attendance numbers were all obtained from Google and in all cases were the most recent figures available.