Comic books have come a long way since Superman first appeared in Action Comics in 1938.

When people think of comic books, they most likely think of some old books that are stashed away in their dad's closet collecting dust. Many argue that comic books just aren't as good as they once were but the numbers and trends show a different story. According to Fortune Business Insight, two years ago, the market size for new comic books was about $8.5 billion. It rose to over $9.2 billion a year later. The market size is only growing.

Comic collectors buy old issues all of the time but they are still buying new books too weekly. If you ask anyone who was ever into reading comics regularly they will probably tell you their favorite decade of books. There is a good chance that it was when they were a kid.

Comics just have a way of taking us back in time to when we were younger. Buying and owning an old toy can do the same thing and give us that feeling of nostalgia.

People love buying and selling collectibles. There is an event coming to Beacon, New York this weekend that is perfect for anyone who is in the market for a collectible to invest in or just to collect for nostalgic purposes.

The Comic Book Event Will Be Located at the Beacon VFW.

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