The new traffic circles being installed all across the Hudson Valley were meant to ease the flow of cars and trucks. Currently, they seem to be doing the opposite. They have been so havoc-fraught, in fact, that it led at least one Hudson Valley resident to issue their own Public Service Announcement about the new additions.

New Traffic Circles in the Hudson Valley, NY

"Good morning all my beautiful neighbors. Just a little PSA for those that do not know how to properly navigate a traffic circle", the post began. "Since more are coming and from what's already been seen with the one on 376 there's definitely a need for a PSA". The first few topics covered, including the reminder that vehicles already in the traffic circle have the right of way, were helpful but slightly benign. The last point, however, made me audibly gasp, because the commenter claims to have witnessed this in-person:

A video from a Kentucky traffic circle went viral for how badly it was navigated (YouTube/Recomemedur)

Traffic Circle in East Fishkill, NY

"I can't believe I need to do a PSA about it even though I saw it with my own eyes", he said, "NEVER EVER NOT ONCE EVER in your life do you come up to the circle and make a LEFT." That's right (sorry, left); this commenter claims to have witnessed the cardinal rule of traffic circles being broken.

Traffic circles are not two-way! (YouTube/Recomemedur)

Viral Traffic Circle Video

Perhaps this shouldn't come as such a surprise. Recent footage from a new Kentucky traffic circle recently went viral when it showed drivers driving every which way in the newly installed traffic circle. Check out the circus below as approaching vehicles decide to go both right and left as they enter the roundabout.

Apparently, this isn't unique to our neighbors to the south. Like the "helpful" Fishkill commenter says, "Unless you want to get involved in a head on collision, traffic goes right. Thank you all." Want to avoid even more traffic issues? Avoid the five most dangerous New York roads below.

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