Twenty-five years ago this week  on June 22nd, 1999, Limp Bizkit unleashed their second album, 'Significant Other,' igniting a nu-metal frenzy that defined late '90s music.

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Fred Durst & Korn's Jonathan Davis in 2003- Davis is known to discover Limp Bizkit

Combining aggressive guitar riffs with Fred Durst's rap-rock vocals, the album became a cultural phenomenon, with tracks like "Nookie" and "Break Stuff" becoming anthems of suburban angst and rebellion, bolstered by ubiquitous MTV airplay on Total Request Live (TRL). Their controversial Woodstock '99 performance here in New York  solidified their fame, and selling over 16 million copies worldwide, 'Significant Other' showcased the band's broad appeal despite criticism of Durst's vocal style.


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Collaborations like "N 2 Gether Now" with Method Man expanded their reach into the hip-hop community while highlighting guitarist Wes Borland and drummer John Otto's technical prowess amidst the intentional rawness of their sound. “No Sex” is a turned down ballad type song that I don’t think gets the credit it deserves. Please listen.

Today, the album's legacy endures, celebrated for its impact on nu-metal and its cultural significance in the late '90s music landscape. Limp Bizkit's influence persists, reflected in their upcoming 2024 "Loserville" tour across North America, featuring a lineup including Bones with Eddy Baker & Xavier Wulf, N8NOFACE, and Corey Feldman. Yes THAT Corey Feldman

Limp Bizkit WILL make their triumphant return to the Empire State and you can be there!

Will the show at Bethel Woods be anything like their 1999 Performance in Rome?

No, But thats a GOOD THING. The band is older, wiser and less angry.

And hopefully so are we..

As we commemorate 'Significant Other's anniversary, to this day the album provokes discussion. Ensuring their place in rock history remains significant.


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