A trespassing hunter allegedly bragging about killing a female deer led to him being charged.

On Jan. 11, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officer Chris Lattimer completed a month-long investigation regarding a hunter trespassing complaint.

A Deerpark resident had a trail camera picture from Nov. 22 of two men dragging a doe off of his property. The resident was unable to identify the two men at the time.

On Jan. 11, the man who filed the complaint told authorities that he overheard one of the hunters bragging about the deer at a party. The man shared the name of the hunter with the officer.

Police conducted some interviews and located the hunter, who admitted to trespassing on the complainant's property, officials say.

The unnamed hunter allegedly said he shot the deer on a neighboring property and tracked it to the complainant's property. He also said that when he shot the deer he assumed it was a buck, but didn’t realize it was doe until he found it.

The hunter also admitted to not tagging the deer because he didn’t have a Deer Management Permit for that zone, police say.

The hunter was issued appearance tickets for the illegal taking of protected wildlife and for taking a doe without a permit, returnable to the Town of Deerpark Court.